Notable software dev and entrepreneurship podcasts

In January 2020, I was listening to a lot of podcasts. The topics ranged from storytelling and comedy to software engineering and entrepreneurship. I saved the best episodes of the software engineering podcasts as a playlist. These represent the best of the best. I’ve handpicked the episodes that sit at the intersection of software engineering with something else. Use these episodes from the playlist as a starting point and binge through the whole podcast if you like it.

The playlist features podcast recordings that:

  • Cover insightful stories, experiments, and tools.
  • Talk about things a developer should know outside of software development (customer acquisition, taxation, mindfulness).
  • Are useful to a large subset of the software development community.
  • Suggest a realistic way for the listener to use the insights being shared into their own work or life.
  • Are edited after recording.
  • Are (usually) not specific to a programming language.

If you find this playlist useful, please share it with your peers.