The most powerful clipboard manager for browsers.

A persistent store and manager for your clipboard contents

Click on an item to copy to clipboard. You can also edit, delete or search existing items.

Use shortcuts for copying & pasting

Copy & paste directly from a web page into quick slots with 10 configurable shortcuts. Using a shortcut for copying saves the content in a quick slot and copies to the clipboard at the same time.

Configure your shortcuts by opening:
chrome://extensions/shortcuts in Chrome
about:addons in Firefox


If have any questions about Quick Copy, shoot me an email at commitemailoframit@protonmail.com.
Feature requests and suggestions are also welcome!

Privacy Policy

We don’t track you. We don’t profile you. Period.
Information stored inside Quick Copy is never transmitted. All of the data resides inside your machine.
You are responsible for managing the information that you store inside Quick Copy.
Optionally, you may choose to provide your email address and communicate with us via email. This information is used only to connect with you.